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What is a Car Park Life-Care Plan?

All car park owners/operators have a legal duty to maintain their parking facility to a standard which ensures, as much as possible, the health and safety of the people who use it.


A Life-Care Plan is a statement of the current condition of a car parking facility, its structural integrity and projected life span, and is supported by a clear inspection and maintenance strategy which ensures the facility meets all health and safety legislation.


Brody Forbes offers a comprehensive Life-Care Plan service, in line with the Institution of Civil Engineers' "Recommendations for the Inspection, Maintenance and Management of Car Park Structures".  


After an initial condition survey and structural appraisal, we will produce a detailed Life-Care Plan, which will include recommendations for routine inspections and maintenance, as well as advice on how to properly implement and monitor the Plan.


You can download the Guide to Life-Care Plans here, produced by the British Parking Association, and can find out more information on BPA's website.